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To provide exceptional products and next-level customer service to our dealer clients and Phoenix trailer owners alike..


WTG was founded on one simple, but important concept: Make our dealer partner's and Phoenix Trailer customer's lives better by being there when they need us. Always!


WTG's In-House Culture: Common Sense “Get it done” working environment. Combining old-school values and years of experience with fresh, forward-thinking ideas and methods.


Every day, the WTG team is looking for the better / best way. We listen to our clients and customers. We are responsive to their needs, ideas, and concerns. We take some kind of action – always. And promptly!

Our Focus Areas

WTG is 100% Dealer centric. Our group is deep in frontline “Dealership” experience. We know how to work with our dealer partners and ALWAYS remain attentive to their needs. We know how to help but stay out of their way. We are proud to share in their successes.

Brand Ambassador


For the product lines and Dealer Team that we represent.

We never sell directly to the public, but we do work directly with our dealer team to drive retail business deals to them. We keep them in the loop and seek their approval before providing their proposal to the retail prospect.



Assists interested buyers in navigating the research/buying experience and

connects interested buyers with one of our qualified dealer partners


The same old “Good enough"

is simply, just NOT “Good ENOUGH”




There is a lack of “Trailer knowledge” at most dealerships – across the country. Most attention is directed at the boat side and the trailer often becomes an afterthought – unfortunately.

WTG recognizes the need

to become more involved in the trailer-buying process.

The owner demographics are changing and evolving every day. The amount, type of use, and specific applications all play a part in how we approach each situation. We also provide historical information and pricing/value analysis. When something is right it is right for several reasons.

Getting the right trailer is becoming more important every day.

Strong dealer relationships translate into long-time loyalty creating positive outcomes for everyone: Phoenix Trailers, our Dealers, and our end user/trailer owners.


We connect retail prospects with one of our exceptional dealer partners on a regular basis.

Getting the right dealer is just as important as the right trailer. 

WTG works with our manufacturers and dealers every day

to be there whenever our owners need us

throughout their ownership experience.


Being available and providing that prompt attention is what we are all about!

That is not lip service!

Tel. (800) 979-0124

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